We are a thriving association, with 16 allotment plots, some of which are divided between two tenants. We currently have a waiting list for any plots which become vacant. The allotments are situated between Lower Lane, Chinley and Stubbins Park.

Should you wish to contact us, our officials are:-

  • Chairman: Graham Moran. Tel: 01663 751069
  • Treasurer: Steve Dilks. 37 Lower Lane, Chinley SK23 6BE. Tel: 01663 750979. email:
  • Secretary: Brian Leonard. 68 Belgrade Ave., Chinley SK23 6BG. email:
There are 5 community buildings in the Parish, in which activities and events take place. These buildings are available for hire.

Chinley & Buxworth Community Centre
21 Lower Lane, SK23 6BE
01663 750521

Chinley W.I. Hall
Lower Lane, SK23 6BD
01663 746000

Buxworth War Memorial Club
Station Rd, SK23 7NJ
01663 732050

Chinley Scout Hut
Forge Road, SK23 6EJ
07913 802260

Chinley Chapel
Wash Road, SK23 0QN
01663 750571