Chinley & Buxworth Transport Group

Chinley & Buxworth Transport Group (incorporating the Friends of Chinley Station)

The group was established to improve travel services and facilities for members of the community as a result of the Chinley, Buxworth and Brownside Parish Plan. A key focus is improving rail services and facilities at Chinley Station.


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Next meeting:

Tuesday 28th March 2017, 7.45pm, please email for details 



Chinley and Buxworth Transport Group AGM

Thursday 1st December 2016
Community Room  Lower Ground Floor

St Mary’s Church, Buxton Road, Chinley

AGM 7.30pm
followed by presentation of the results of the Chinley Station Survey at 8pm


Will you help us by taking our Chinley station survey ? It will only take you a few minutes and your responses will be completely anonymous. Just click on the link below…

Whether you commute every day via Chinley, or just use the railway from time to time, we’d like to know what you think about using the railway to/from Chinley.

We’d especially like to hear your views if you would like to use the station more, but for whatever reason find it inconvenient or impossible to do so !

Why are we doing a survey ?

The Chinley and Buxworth Transport Group has been actively campaigning for a number of years for a better deal for rail travellers at Chinley station.

Five years ago the construction of a shelter for passengers came about as a result of the group’s campaigns. More recently we have been instrumental in securing improvements to the drainage of the footbridge.

It is however the urgent need to improve the very poor access to the platforms at Chinley that has been the focus of most of our work over the last year.

We liaise with people and organisations whose work affects the travelling public – Network Rail, Northern Rail, the High Peak and Hope Valley Community Rail Partnership, and also with our local Councillors and with the MP for the High Peak.

The group is entirely made up of volunteers and in order to back up the arguments we make, we need to collect as much up-to-date data as we can about how people use the station and their experience of travelling to and from Chinley.

Many thanks!


Bus update

The schooldays-only 189 service (7.50am Whaley Bridge to Buxton and 3.15pm Buxton to Whaley Bridge) has been withdrawn

Threat to local 190 bus service

Derbyshire County Council have published proposals to cut bus subsidies by £4 millions which, if  ratified, will mean the end of bus travel through Chinley from October 2017.  A consultation process was launched recently – closing date for responses is 24 April 2016.  You may choose to complete a questionnaire ‘on line’ via  or by collecting a booklet ‘The Derbyshire Challenge’, available from Derbyshire Libraries, and posting the questionnaire to the ‘Freepost’ address provided.  

Access at Chinley station

We are looking to mount a concerted effort to get improved access at Chinley station, and are seeking stories of people’s experiences to bolster the campaign. Have you experienced difficulties gaining access to the platform? Are you put off using the trains because of the limited access? Please let us know using the contact details above

Wayfarer Tickets

These are now available from Northern Rail conductors on Hope Valley Line trains.

Derbyshire Wayfarers cost £12.30; concessionary price is £6.15, and is for children aged 5 – 15, over 60s (proof of age may be required) and Derbyshire Gold Card holders.  Tickets are valid on the day of purchase, after 9.00 am, Mon – Fri or any time Sat / Sun.  Derbyshire Wayfarers may be used for train travel to/from Derbyshire stations and to Sheffied; bus travel also includes journeys, starting in Derbyshire, to/from Macclesfield/Leek/Uttoxeter.  Tickets may also be bought in advance from Derbyshire County Council approved outlets, and conditions of use may vary.

Greater Manchester Wayfarers cost £12; concessionary price is £6.00, and is for children aged 5 – 15, over 60s (proof of age may be required) and Derbyshire Gold Card holders.  Tickets are valid on the day of purchase, after 9.30 am, Mon -Fri or any time Sat / Sun.  GM Wayfarers may be used for train / bus / Metrolink-tram travel around Greater Manchester, to Manchester Airport, and parts of Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Staffordshire – but not Sheffield.  Tickets may be bought up to 3 days in advance from TFGM approved outlets, and conditions of use may vary.

Detailed information, including maps and timetables, and Conditions of use, are available from the appropriate websites.

The Transport Group needs your input!

The Chinley and Buxworth Transport Group is made up of volunteers and needs continuing commuter input if it is to be representative of all types of local rail users. The Transport Group tries to ensure that a member attends meetings of the HVRUG and the Hope Valley and High Peak Transport Partnership ( on your behalf. Could you spare a few hours a year to do one or more of:

  • commenting in advance on matters to be discussed at meetings (this can be done via email)?
  • attending occasional (evening) meetings of the Transport Group?
  • handing out information to fellow commuters / train users whilst you are waiting for the train?

The group would value your input. We need the opinions and ideas of commuters and other rail users!


At our 2013 AGM we noted that the following has been recently achieved:

  • We have lobbied for regularly for improvements to the steps at the station and to improve the shelter.  Works have recently been completed on the steps.
  • Cycle racks have been installed in the car park and money has been assigned for signage to the racks.  We are waiting for this to be undertaken.
  • Discussions are on-going with Derbyshire County Council regarding access to the station, parking problems and anticipated improvements to the train service and station.
  • Now that the recycling bins have been removed from the car park we are in contact with Northern Rail to look into redesigning the layout of the car park to increase the number of spaces, if possible.
  • We have responded to many queries from the general public regarding parking, the train service and steps and have provided information and advice where possible.



Derbyshire Wayfarer tickets are normally only available to buy at manned railway stations or on local buses.  We are pleased to announce that we have been able to persuade the authorities to make them available locally as well.

Derbyshire Wayfarer tickets are now available in Chinley at Parmar’s Newsagents, 6 Lower Lane, Chinley, SK23 6BD.  They are also available in Glossop at the Curley Cornet Café, Henry Street Glossop (this is by the bus stops next to the station).

The cost is

  • £11.60 for an adult (plus one child under 16)
  • £5.8- for a senior citizen (aged 60 or over), a child under 16*, or a holder of a Gold Card
  • £21 for a group of up to two adults and up to three children*

They can be used on buses at any time and trains after 0900 and at any time Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

For more information go to

* A dog may travel in place of a child.



Thank you to all who undertook the 2011 rail survey.  The results can be viewed here:

** Results of the Chinley Rail Survey (PDF 2MB) **

Copies of the survey have been sent to Andrew Bingham MP, Local Councillors, the Hope Valley Users Group, the Transport Partnership, the Community Transport Action Plan Group, Northern Rail and Bowers the bus company.  A limited number of hard copies will be available from shops in Chinley.  It is anticipated that the survey will inform transport groups and planners of where services and improvements are required and we can work towards achieving these.


Improvements to the Station:

Current improvements we are working hard to secure include:

  • further improvements to the shelter to prevent it flooding
  • additional capacity in the car park

Members regularly attend meetings of the Hope Valley and High Peak Transport Partnership ( on behalf of our Parish Council. These meetings are attended by representatives from Northern Rail, GMPTE, Derbyshire County Council, High Peak Borough Council and several other organisations concerned with the countryside and the High Peak, including the other Parish Councils in the area.


Access to the station has been raised at every opportunity and we are hopeful that an official access survey will take place in the next 12 months with the aim of securing much needed access improvements for the less mobile.

Tickets & Services

Following considerable lobbying by the group, Northern Rail have reduced the cost of commuter tickets between Chinley and Manchester. Furthermore, we have lobbied TransPennine to enable Advanced tickets to be bought from Chinley to popular destinations on their routes, including Blackpool, York, Edinburgh etc.

We are pressing for the recently improved service from New Mills to Manchester to be extended to Chinley. Unfortunately this will require engineering work to enable trains to turn round, but we are hopeful that Northern Rail and Network Rail will budget for this soon. In addition we are in regular contact with Northern Rail, pushing for more trains to Stockport.


Bus Travel:

A member of the group regularly attends the meetings of the Accessibility Partnership. This is concerned with improving access to public transport and the integration of bus and rail services where possible.

The group is continuing to press for buses into Buxton in the evening and for existing buses to be timed so that they coincide with the times of the train. Furthermore we have been in contact with Derbyshire County Council to see if it is possible to reroute the Glossop to Chapel-en-le-Frith service through Chinley to provide residents with access to Hayfield and Glossop.

We have also asked High Peak Borough Council to install bus shelters at Alders Avenue in Chinley and opposite Dolly Lane in Buxworth. Hopefully these will eventually be included in their budget.

Of course, we are competing against many other organisations trying to achieve similar aims in their own areas. So we have to be smart and need to show that we have the backing of the local population; for that we need to register our supporters. Some supporters will want to be actively involved and others may simply want to encourage the group. Whichever category you fall into please register your support by contacting us and letting us know your issues and concerns regarding transport.


There are 5 community buildings in the Parish, in which activities and events take place.


These buildings are available for hire.


Chinley Community Centre
21 Lower Lane, Chinley (SK23 6BE).
Contact: Bookings on 01663 750521


Chinley W.I. Hall
Lower Lane, Chinley
Contact: Joan on 01663 746000


Buxworth War Memorial Club
Station Rd, Buxworth (SK23 7NJ)
Contact: 01663 732050


Chinley 1st Scouts (Victory Hall)
Forge Road, Whitehough (SK23 6EJ)


Chinley Independent Chapel
Wash road, High Peak (SK23 0QN)
Contact: Denise on 01663 750670