Community Vision

Chinley, Buxworth and Brownside Feasibility Study to Assess the Needs of the Community

It has been ten years since the Parish Plan and in light of this Chinley, Buxworth and Brownside Community Association, in partnership with the Parish Council, are carrying out a feasibility study to assess the current needs of the local community.

The study is looking at the community services and leisure activities currently available within the local area with the aim of finding out how these might be improved or expanded.

This involves asking community members what services and activities they would like to be able to access. The study is also taking into account services provided by other organisations operating in the area. Such organisations have been invited to contribute and offer their own points of view in terms of their particular needs.

The Community Association is in the process of carrying out an extensive community consultation covering the whole of the Chinley, Buxworth and Brownside Parish.

The ideas and needs of local people and voluntary groups will inform a new Community Association Action Plan, through which the Association will endeavour to develop new activities, groups and, if appropriate, facilities.


There are 5 community buildings in the Parish, in which activities and events take place.


These buildings are available for hire.


Chinley Community Centre
21 Lower Lane, Chinley (SK23 6BE).
Contact: Bookings on 01663 750521


Chinley W.I. Hall
Lower Lane, Chinley
Contact: Joan on 01663 746000


Buxworth War Memorial Club
Station Rd, Buxworth (SK23 7NJ)
Contact: 01663 732050


Chinley 1st Scouts (Victory Hall)
Forge Road, Whitehough (SK23 6EJ)


Chinley Independent Chapel
Wash road, High Peak (SK23 0QN)
Contact: Denise on 01663 750670