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We’ll take you from “I can’t jog” to meet your personal goal- 5k fun run, jog for 20 minutes…. You can do it!

Sessions are lead by an experienced and qualified jog leader, who will motivate and help you reach your target goals, weather it be 5K, 10K or just to jog for several minutes and still feel able to breathe!

Other Jog Derbyshire Beginner Groups meet at the Leisure Centre in Glossop,  on Wednesday evenings 6.30 and Buxton Wednesdays 9.20 “School Run for Parents” (Poole’s Cavern) For more details contact – Liz Stillo 1663 750 640 or email

Contact us and arrange to come along and have a go!

 “High Peak Running Group” now have a Facebook page – visit it for all the latest info on runs and races.

UP & COMING RACES IN THE HIGH PEAK  are too numerous to list – see above for more information or email me at

Courses for complete beginners also available.

Many members are taking part in various races over the next few months, do join us:

High Peak Running Group is for runners of all ages and abilities, who appreciate the health benefits of running, and enjoy the company and camaraderie that a running group can provide.

Based in Chinley, this small, informal group of runners was started in 2003 primarily for lady runners who preferred not to run alone, whether for company, safety or encouragement.

The group is of mixed ability and the running sessions are tailored to cater for everyone’s needs depending on who turns up!

There are regular runs on Monday’s and Wednesday’s (evening), park run Saturday morning and then pretty much any other day of the week.

No matter what other calls there are on our time, we find time to run, and running with other people really motivates us. Everyone in the group can and does, run with everyone else and it is amazing how much we find in common.

There are running sessions for mothers with small babies, complete with running buggies, and everyone takes a turn running with the buggy, great for cross-training.

Many members have taken part in a running event of some description, whether a 5k, 10k, half marathon or full marathon and whoever is training at a particular time will be encouraged and supported by the others. Some members prefer road races and others fell running. All types of running events are very well catered for in the Peak District and surrounding area.

But running races isn’t what the group is really about. It is for like-minded people who enjoy being out running in the fresh air and keeping fit at the same time.

Contact High Peak Running Group

High Peak Running Group welcomes new members of all ages and abilities who enjoy running.
Contact me Liz Stillo tel: 01663 750640 or

There are 5 community buildings in the Parish, in which activities and events take place. These buildings are available for hire.

Chinley & Buxworth Community Centre
21 Lower Lane, SK23 6BE
01663 750521

Chinley W.I. Hall
Lower Lane, SK23 6BD
01663 746000

Buxworth War Memorial Club
Station Rd, SK23 7NJ
01663 732050

Chinley Scout Hut
Forge Road, SK23 6EJ
07913 802260

Chinley Chapel
Wash Road, SK23 0QN
01663 750571